“Working with Teresa Kessler and TK Design Studio was an absolute joy. Teresa’s ability to create, design, communicate, listen and collaborate breathed a fresh modern look into our home. After our first project with TK Design Studio, both my husband and I couldn’t wait for our next project. Working with Teresa breeds excitement and creativity. The finished project in both spaces TK Design Studio remodeled in our home we are thrilled with.  Could not be happier!”

  • Philip and Megan Winchester


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“We are creative people with homebuilding experience and lots of big wishful ideas, but missing the key execution skills, the industry know-how and resources, and the true design expertise to know what would ultimately work and what would not for our custom-built Bozeman estate. We found that missing link in Teresa Kessler-Prond, a truly inspired master of her craft, a hands-on artisan, with seemingly unlimited knowledge about every single aspect of home building and design. In addition to the passion that she brings to the table, she came up with solutions for every whim and fancy we threw at her and has the indispensable relationships with the vendors and subs across the trade spectrum to pull them off. Her input was essential and helped us implement all of our own funky little design ideas, including building some of the light fixtures ourselves.  Teresa was so lovely to work with, and her elegantly casual creative vision is reflected all over our home.”

  • Wendy and Keith Gordon

My husband and I recently built a custom home. We worked with Teresa every step of the way…..from basic finishes to final touches. At the beginning of the process my husband was skeptical that we needed professional help, but it wasn’t long before he began saying “we couldn’t do this without Teresa”. She quickly recognized and respected the look we wanted to achieve and ultimately enhanced it. Working with Teresa was a delightful experience from beginning to end!

  • Marcia Oliver

“When deciding to build a new home, my husband and I knew we needed help picking out the finishes so that everything would work together. After interviewing a couple different designers, I knew I wanted to work with Teresa. She had a great process, communication style and she just seemed to get what we were looking for from the start. Teresa was amazing to work with on everything. She took the time to listen to what we had to say, check out my Pinterest inspiration boards and really trouble-shoot areas that my husband and I disagreed on right away. She suggested ideas in a way that built bridges between our differing styles and reassured us when we needed to know what things would work together. She quickly became an invaluable part of the building and design process and made every step of the way fun and exciting (the way building a house should be) instead of daunting! Teresa is on-point in every way and has a beautiful design eye. Our new house is beautiful and a perfect blend of our styles. I would recommend Teresa to anyone needing design help with their home!

  • Bill & Jean Conover

“Teresa helped streamline my home remodel projects in so many ways—she was absolutely invaluable.  On the design side, she would come with her distinct vision in mind, yet she listened to my needs and would adjust her ideas to fit my concerns. She would then offer multiple suggestions, and all I had to do was choose one.  On the business side, she made all the necessary phone calls and was available for delivery and installation while I was at work. She saved me hours of legwork and who knows how many headaches! I would not want to do another project without her.”

  • Mary Strickland

Teresa Kessler and TK Design Studio recently completed a major renovation and remodel of my office, and I could not be more pleased. Having been at my current location for 30 years I desperately needed a facelift and a more than doubling of the physical expansion of my work area. I explained my vision to Teresa to incorporate a fresh modern design while staying within budgetary parameters. Effectively Teresa took the project over and she provided me with ideas that not only she could explain, but she showed them to me visually, using the modern technology she has at her disposal. Frankly the end result looked exactly like she had shown me early on. Teresa, and TK Design Studio effectively communicated with me every step of the way, as she did with my builder… As a side note she saved me thousands of dollars by holding my contractor and subcontractors to a standard of completion that was expressed to me at the onset of the project. In my case she did the whole project, from furniture, wall colors/carpet, lighting, artwork, including some outside design work.

In the end my finished project has received rave reviews from my customers and employees alike. Teresa is a very intelligent professional that understands her craft extremely well, communicates in a fun clear manner, is thrifty yet foresighted in terms of design trends and styles…doing all of this while being sensitive to the environment in her design choices.

In a five star world…she gets a ten!

  • Brad Daws